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Every year the Seven Lakes High School PTSA awards scholarships to graduating seniors in recognition of service, leadership, and academics for the purpose of encouraging the recipient to proceed into fields of higher education. Awards are given out in the spring at the senior awards ceremony. Applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher and be a member of the PTSA. The PTSA awarded ten $1,000 college scholarships to 2016 seniors.

In addition, the PTSA awards up to $250 in scholarships to a Seven Lakes teacher, teacher's aide or administrator enrolled in a certified continuing education credit course, a multi day workshop or seminar, or other event applicable to their field.

For more information, please contact the Scholarships committee.

Congratulations to Recipients of the SLHS PTSA Scholarships!

School Year
Recipients of the SLHS PTSA Scholarships
Ashish Chakraborty
Grant Corb
Anna Fedewa
Lizze Heitz
Dori Mallinger
Chloe Yang
Claire Ameen
Yash Bora
Brian Cardone
James Chen
Cameron Connolly
Grant Gammon
Jacob Hazel
Morgan McCoy
Anthony Schimmenti
Pranay Tamminayana
Colby Brown
Melissa Fu
Tristan Hibbler
Anabel Hillstrom
Laura Hu
Caroline Jok
Macy Medford 
Luke Moffett
Aubreye Reddell
Andrew Vitone
Cole Baker
Lacey Bowersox
Britton McKee
Andres Molina
Alixandria Poth
Soumya Shekhar
Hannah Sumers
Prasanna Tamminayana
Lizzie Zudock
Madison Boldt
Gabrielle Brewer
Jennifer Gaw
Melissa Keckley
Ryan McClurg
Melissa Narum
Kylie Nunmaker
Danielle Russell
Shane Smith