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Every Child, One Voice!

About us

The Seven Lakes High School Parent Teacher Student Association (SLHS PTSA) is an organization dedicated to serving the entire SLHS community, including the faculty, staff, parents, and, most important, our students. We support and enhance the education of our students through volunteer service, teacher appreciation, parent involvement, and educational and student programs. By providing financial and volunteer resources, we are able to help supplement the educational experience at SLHS.

As the Education Booster Club for Seven Lakes,

we encourage all parents, teachers, and students to get involved!

The SLHS PTSA is comprised of individuals who are committed to assisting SLHS in all areas. Some of these PTSA members are on the Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of officers, committee chairs, and the SLHS principal. The following table briefly describes the responsibilities of each officer position.

Oversees and directs the affairs of the PTSA and presides over Executive Board and General Board meetings
Manages and reviews the scheduling and execution of PTSA-sponsored projects
Collects and tracks PTSA membership dues and information and organizes efforts to encourage and increase participation
Oversees fundraising efforts and identifies and utilizes different resources and methods to fund various PTSA programs and school/staff expenses
Collects and manages volunteers for the SLHS community, ensures that parent and community volunteers are available to support SLHS staff and programs, and maintains volunteer hours on the SLHS campus (Note: VIPS stands for Volunteers In Public Schools)
Records and maintains meeting minutes for Executive Board and General Board meetings
Manages the PTSA finances, including financial records and budget
Manages Executive Board and General Board meetings, advises on parliamentary procedures using Robert’s Rules of Order, maintains the Bylaws, and manages the Nominating Committee

The following table briefly describes the responsibilities of each committee.

Manages and participates in projects involving campus beautification and landscaping
Maintains the PTSA website and Facebook page
Represents the PTSA at the council level and reports council activities to the association
Oversees and coordinates the annual Holiday Home Tour
Provides baked goods and treats for teachers and staff throughout the year
Organizes the Reflections Arts Program, an annual art contest which recognizes and rewards children’s artistic expression
Oversees the annual scholarships program and assists with collecting and reviewing applications and issuing scholarships to students and teachers
Manages inventory for and processes the sale of SLHS Spirit Wear and merchandise

Want to learn more? Contact us or visit the Texas PTA and National PTA websites.