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The SLHS PTSA Curriculum Support Fund helps SLHS teachers and students by funding specific teacher requests that have a direct impact on the learning or safety of our students. All the Curriculum Support funds will be spent on items requested by teachers with Administration approval. If you would like to donate to something that has direct impact on our students, this fundraiser is for you!


Last year, the Curriculum Support Fund provided:

  • Teacher resources to enhance teaching and discussion in classrooms

  • Noise cancelling Bluetooth headsets, earbud headphones, classroom sets of microphones and headsets for students to use in various classrooms

  • Biotechnology tools and analytic balances to enhance our laboratories

  • STEM learning tools including: card games, models, posters

  • Social Studies learning tools including: flash cards, models, posters, perception googles, board games


We hope to fund even more direct teacher requests this year. Your donation will directly benefit teachers and students.

Curriculum Support Fund Donation

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