Every Child, One Voice!


Throughout the school year, the Seven Lakes High School PTSA works with the school staff to implement educational Programs for our students and their families.  

These Programs are designed to advocate for all students, while promoting collaboration among our parents, students, and the community as a whole.  

Here are the Programs scheduled for the 2018-2019 school year:


Sept 6, 2018
 Homecoming 101
A guide to Texas homecoming
 Oct 9, 2018
 Aim for Success
 Inform Freshmen parents of the content for October 10th
 Oct 10, 2018
 Aim for Success
 Educate the Freshmen on abstinence and related pressures
 Dec 13, 2018
 Sister School/Holiday Giving
 In the spirit of the holidays, we will give back to our community
 Feb/March 2019
 Resume Building and Writing
 Assistance for students in creating a solid resume
 March 21, 2019
 College Financial Aid and Scholarships
 An informative session on applying for college financial aid and scholarships
 April/May 2019
 Drinking and Driving 
 Drinking and driving awareness program
 May 2, 2019
 We will choose a relevant topic for our parents and students

For questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Finger, SLHS PTSA VP Programs.